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Trees From Above


Our Relationship with Climate Clinic

Climate Clinic is a student society at Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington. It started its life as a law society where passionate law students at Vic could come to work on solutions to the global climate crisis.

It has evolved over the years and now boasts members from across most faculties at the university, although predominantly it is made up of students studying law, environmental science, public policy and other related subjects.

Students for Climate Solutions grew out of Climate Clinic to allow the student society to act as an independent legal entity.

The two organisations remain very close and many of the SFCS executives remain on the committee of Climate Clinic. They frequently submit on consultations or other matters in partnership and share the same mission, goals and purpose.

For any Vic students interested in joining Climate Clinic, please click the button below to visit the Vic Clubs Website.

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